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Dreamer's CU-SeeMe Page

My CU-SeeMe System   (revised 4/21/03)    

  • Intel D845 Mainboard w/onBoard Sound
  • Pentium 4 2.40gHz w/768 MB Ram
  • nVidia gForce 2 MX-400
  • NEC MultiSync 90 (19" Monitor) - JVC TM13U Video Monitor
  • Packard Bell (Phillips) TopSight Color Video Camera
  • Hauppauge Win-TV-GO PCI Capture board
  • Cornell CU-SeeMe ver 1.0
  • Western Digital UDMA-133 Hard drives
  • Microsoft Windows 2000


Cornell University - developers of the original CU-SeeMe software ... commercial rights later sold to White Pine software.

Just before the very end, the good folks at Cornell released a new version of CU-SeeMe
- its a 32bit version (for Win95/98/NT 4.0) and colour-capable!
Download CU-SeeMe version 1.0 here (yes, Version 1.0!)

Next, download a reflector list from one of the sites listed below, ,
save it as "phonebook.pbx", & you're ready to go!

To run the Alpha with color, download an M-JPEG colour video codec
Note - the M-JPEG colour codecs are 32 bit drivers
and won't work with Win3.1 - they are for Win95/Win98/NT4 only

Here's some links to other folk's sites with helpful tips & info:

Drivers & Hardware sites Want to run a reflector? Try these links for more info

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